• You'll earn up to $1 for public streams you share in Windowpane!

  • When you reach 200 hearts you can redeem them for $10 (in app settings).

  • Every day, we give out 5,000 hearts ($250 in earnings)!

  • It only takes 60 seconds!

  • Stream anything and everything: What's going on in your city or town or outside your window? Where do you work, play, eat, shop, and hang out? Share your world, wherever it may be.

1. Invite family and friends to follow you.

2. Turn Windowpane notifications ON in phone settings to be alerted about live streams from those you are following. (Manage notification alerts on a user-by-user basis in your Following list.)

3. Enter your village, town, city, country, organization and/or school in Windowpane settings.

4. Describe your stream in detail. Where are you? Why are you there? What’s going on? (Please use English if possible.)

5. Streaming suggestions: activity, markets, streets, vehicles, movement, events, people (including yourself!), interaction, well-composed scenes.

6. Try to minimize camera movement.

7. Things to avoid: televisions, computer screens, item or product close-ups, duplication, food (preparation, cooking, and eating).

8. Most importantly, have fun! :)

(Follow all Windowpane tips to earn the most hearts.)

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